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360 degrees

At the of Mount Hay road there is this wilderness every way you turn. Dramatic views are commonplace in this part of the world but here it's very special because it seems so wild, wind-swept and far from civilisation. Not a building to be seen anywhere, other than the tall towers of the great city of Sydney (100 kms away) tiny on the far horizon.


  1. Lovely montage. Feels so spacious or is that because I have cabin fever.

  2. This sort of vantage point is particularly appealing because it puts emphasises the immensity of time and place and the insignificance of one tiny human being in the grand scheme of things.

  3. Did you choose the grey of the background specially for this set? Nice!

    I haven't seen a mountain with trees on it for almost as long as I haven't seen the ocean, so four shots is a bargain too.

  4. Ooo ... did not notice the background change. This is a most modern colour, JE. Porter's Paints stock something very similar. A sort of grey-blue ...

  5. It must be quite a sensation to be there and look around! Wonderful collage.

  6. Thanks for the positive vote on the background colour.

    Babooshka, yes it IS spacious not just your cabin fever getting to you.

    JM, it is quite a sensation, a real back to wilderness experience. Once when we arrived a young couple dived for cover, they were enjoying it stark naked. It has that kind of effect on you.


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