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Banksias are designed to open their pods during fire for new seed to generate. Click here to see.

These ended up as mere skeletons today.


  1. I saw this earlier today but was just to flat-chat to comment.

    Have these coughed up their seed? I love the ones that are linked to. Sometimes in carpentry shops I see things made out of banksia cones. I must consider seriously a purchase next time.

  2. What amazing cones.

    The grey tones in the photo are very pleasing.

  3. Julie, their mouths are open so I believe they have coughed up their seed. The plant itself was totally dead, couldn't see any regrowth.

    AB, I agree about the grey tones. That's what attracted me to photograph them.

  4. Fascinating. A whole different world out there. So glad to learn about the natural world of the Blue Mountains a little at a time this way.


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