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Theme Day: What would I miss?

It is nearly a year since I posted on this blog so perhaps it's time I rectified this by joining in this month's theme day.

If I had to leave the Blue Mountains for ever what would I miss most?  I would miss the bush but that can be found elsewhere in Australia so what I would miss most is the glimpse of blue that can be seen at nearly every turn.  I would miss standing at the cliff edge gasping all over again at the beauty of the great blue wilderness.

Click here to see what others would miss from their cities.


  1. It's an unique vista Joan and one I'm sure you would miss.

  2. An excellent and understandable choice Joan, welcome back.

  3. I'm with Perth Daily. Welcome back and, yes, the view and that hue of blue are magical

    May you never have to leave your Blue Mountains! Happy Theme Day!


  4. It's very lovely there! You should post more often. ;))

  5. Love your choice for the theme day. Well done!

  6. It is so pretty! I hope you will start posting again. Happy Theme Day!

  7. Lovely! These kinds of views reach into our souls. Great post!


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