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Railway station

Like most Blue Mountains towns it has a railway station where trains take daily commuters to the Sydney to work.  The railway platform has been recently extended and there is an amazing labaryth of overpasses to get people across the highway and railway.

Again like most mountain towns it is split into two by the highway/railway.  I only explored the South side.


  1. On the Central Coast, there has been a big influx of new residents who are Sydney commuters, and not enough parking space. Hope this isn't a problem in the mountains.

    1. I don't think there has been a very large influx, though there is a bit of a building boom on the blocks sold by the RTA now the road widening is complete. I am think most rail commuter car parks are quite full but not too much. I don't actually have any experience to base this on because we walk to the station mostly.


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