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Exploring Wentworth Falls

Let's get started on our next town Wentworth Falls on a damp misty mountain day.

Wentworth Falls is named after the famous Australian explorer Wentworth, who together with Blaxland and Lawson crossed the Blue Mountains in 1813 opening up a path to the lands to the west.   This is his bust located in the local park.

The town takes its slogan from even more famous world explorer "Where Charles Darwin walked".  He visited and walked here while on his voyage on the HMS Beagle.


  1. Been reading a book about the history of Australia called True Girt, and Wentworth features quite heavily in it. He built Vaucluse House but got so distracted he didn't quite finish it off. It only has 3 bedrooms for his family of ten kids, and no proper front door!

    1. I have seen that book and considered buying several times but end up buying different ones. Kids in those days were happy to share a bed, even in the days of my youth I shared a bed with my sister … great for getting warm on cold winter nights and for creating a fight on hot nights.

      When I visited Vaucluse House it was the kitchen that fascinated me most.


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