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New Year - More Resolve

Happy New Year.  I'm planning to walk more and post more often this year.

Today we took a walk over to Badgery's Crescent because we heard a new shop had set up there. Replacing Badgery's Attic which sold toys trains and old wares.  It's now artisan made wares and organic produce.  I hope they do well.


  1. Hope you have a happy new year walking more. I'll enjoy coming along with you from my chair. But I also hope to walk more and eat less.

    1. I also enjoy your walks from my chair. Walk more eat less is always on my list of resolutions and never seems to make a difference. The only small triumph is that I have not put on any extra weight for the last couple of years.

  2. Glad to know you'll post more often. Happy New Year, Joan!


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