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Its a glorious Autumn day, not that the Australian countryside shows this particularly, other than in the rows of poplars and other non-native trees lining the driveways to rural properties.

Julie said in her comment the other day that the landscape was reminding her of the Canberra area.  I was thinking that too as we drove along ... for me it is something to do with blue of the hills and the gold of dry grass and with exotic trees in Autumn colour more so, Autumn is spectacular in Canberra.


  1. Clear bright blue skies - perfect Aussie Autumn weather.

  2. Beautiful view Joan! Here is lovely Spring:)

  3. Love the lined trees. Beautiful!

  4. What a wonderful shot. Great capture of the line of trees with the autumn colours and sky. Yes, I agree that the artwork I've featured today is not very inspiring. Apparently, it's supposed to 'suggest the entrance of a jetty or a lighthouse'.


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