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Camping 1 of 2

The great thing about this spot is the extensive camping area with plenty of good spots nestled among the trees and rocks.  

The sign you can see behind the table says "Many of the trees in this area of special because they are very old but they may drop branches, or fall over suddenly without warning. For your safety do not camp, sit or stand beneath large trees or trees with overhanging branches.


  1. What a lovely spot to camp at.

  2. Oops!! I think I'd be out of there real fast! those branches might just do me in!!

  3. Do you call them widow-makers?
    I hear them called that quite often round here.

  4. Letty, yes I do hear them called that but truly this sign got me wondering ... no camping under, sitting under or standing under the trees. All big gum trees do that type of thing. So is going on a bush walk under trees a dangerous occupation? Or do we tempt fate by staying under the same tree for too long?


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