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Road, Gardens of Stone National Park

I know I'm taking a while getting to the glow worm tunnel but the journey is as interesting as the destination. Some of you commented on the narrowness of the tunnel in my last post, well as you can see, the road is quite narrow some of the time ... fortunately there are not many cars on it so not too much pulling over or backing up. There is also very limited parking at the end of the road so you don't want too many people to be out and about on the day you are there.

Words to walk with:
If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there.
Lewis Carroll


  1. What an excellent quote! Very pertinent to something in my life.

    Now, I think I would like to drive down this road. I learnt a lot about industrial railways in a WEA series that has one more session to go. One in which we walk the tunnels down at Helensburgh.

  2. It must have been a lovely drive overall.

    Are you going to parlay any of this into travel books? I think - in my opinionated way - that you're laying a great foundation. I had a friend who did this some years ago and she did very well with it.

  3. Beautiful spots on this road, especially the first one! The stone sides and ferns make for a wonderful photo.

  4. Beautiful photos of beautiful place and the quote is superb!

  5. Paula, I haven't thought of that. I'd be interested in knowing the style of books your friend did.

    JM, I would have liked to get a better photo i.e. one not through the windscreen. But as Jim notes the road was very narrow so I was disinclined to get the driver to stop the car because of obstructing the path of fellow travellers.


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