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Gum Trees Stripping

Newnes State Forest

There is a strip show going on in the forest at the moment. Some varieties of eucalypt do this each year.

Words to walk with:
From Gum-Trees Stripping by Judith Wright
"Say the need's born within the tree
and waits a trigger set for light;
say sap is tidal like the sea,
and rises with the solstice-heat -
but wisdom shells the words away
to watch this fountain slowed in air
where sun joins earth - to watch the place
at which the silent rituals are."


  1. Wright scans a bit like the 19th C English poets, rather than someone from the '40s and '50s in Australia. Her content is spot on though. As is your image.

    I love our bush.

  2. That is an amazing shot ... what a sight!

  3. Julie, I think this is early work of Wright's when she was much more traditional.

  4. Amazing and mysterious atmosphere!

  5. Must be some genetic recombination between snakes and trees!


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