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We'll do that one day

Lawson Railway Station

Every morning at around 8:30am the Countrylink XPT train to Dubbo passes through Lawson. As it sounds different from the normal Intercity trains, for the past 16 years my husband has said, "That's the XPT" or "Hear that?" and I've responded "We'll catch that one day."

Well the day arrived a couple of weeks ago. The trip began with us catching the regular train from Lawson to Katoomba where the XPT stops to pick up passengers. Over at Sweet Wayfaring,you will find me waiting impatiently at Katoomba station. We'll also be doing the rest of trip over there.


  1. We're off! I'm glad you finally took the plunge.

  2. A trip I also want to do - from a bit further south :-)

  3. Yee-hah! Finally I am ready ...

  4. I really like the perspective and the curve!

  5. I love your photos and all your blogs.


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