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  1. I meant to say that the words on the girl's sweater are "Summer Session". I thought it ironic on this rather chilly Spring day.

  2. I got the summer bit ...

    A couple of astounding things about this capture. No one is paying much heed. Just a few short years ago - okay, well maybe late '60s - someone dressed like this on the streets would have been gawped at, right?

    The other thing is the way she is dressed. Tracky-top plus tutu plus rainbow socks. The world really has turned on its axis.

    Compare this with the images on the Sartorialist site that Paula sent me. Chalk'n'cheese ...

  3. I was going to say, people are dressing in interesting ways. Lately clothing hasn't been of interest to me but I'm going to stock up on images like these to loosen up my many inhibitions. Very nice work.

  4. I really like this photo.
    There is something intimate about it.
    And i think she is just lovely.

  5. Lettie, I think she is lovely too. She danced with such grace. I'm really fond of this shot.

    Julie, it is amazing what we can get away with in clothing these days, I could say especially in the mountains where we have many colourful people.

    Paula, I too am conservative in my dress ... I look at the rainbow coloured ensembles about me and wonder if I will ever be brave enough to try.


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