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Treeroots and Earth

Rainforest, Megalong Valley

Words to walk with:
From Treeroots and Earth by Les Murray
Where the great winds crashed
Strange suns appear
Gleaming with mud and shocks of thistle fur,
And walkers see them at the forest edge
And children, when the winter rains are past
Go hurrying there
And climb and scramble out on rays of wood
Among the antler tines and fluted sterns
Of galleons they rig with string and sail
High over the steep fall forest and the farms
As far as the islands of the summer air.


  1. Wuhoo ... go Mr Murray. What a corker of an image!

    Are antlers called tines? Mmmm ... did not know that.

    This is a terrific combination of image and text, Joan. Like it very much.

    Now to go find that poem ...

  2. The old vine looks like a big snake winding up the tree. Neat.

  3. Julie, never heard of them referred to as tines but Les loves to play with words.

    TG, that would be one scary snake.

  4. These rainforest 'hug' scenes are fantastic! The most amazing is the strangler fig tree.

  5. Aha ... looked up tines.

    Forks have tines. Now I knew that back in the deep dark recesses ...

    So LM was referring to the shape rather than the anter, specifically the pointy bits.

  6. I be wrong. AGAIN.

    Look at this

  7. I love the green and earthy tones in this, and the contrast of the straight tree trunk against the snaking vine. Artistic.

  8. JM, I like that ... "hug scenes"

    Julie, I didn't know you'd forgotten what tines were ... just that they aren't usually referred to as that with antlers. You have fun with all your word play.

    Vicki ... lots more green earthy stuff coming up in this blog ... that's the colour of this place ... if you don't count the distant blue shots.

  9. What a great snake-like growth


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