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Farm shed, Megalong Valley

The farms of Megalong nestle below the high cliffs of the Blue Mountains. See also that the eucalypts are in flower at the moment.

Words to walk with:
The Shining Slopes and Planes by Les Murray
Having tacked loose tin panels
of the car shed together
Peter the carpenter walks straight up
the ladder, no hands,
and buttons down lapels of the roof.

Now his light weight is on the house
overhead, and then he's back down
bearing long straps of a wiry green
Alpine grass, root-woven, fine as fur
that has grown in our metal rain gutters.

Bird-seeded, or fetched by the wind
it has had twenty years up there
being nourished on cloud-dust, on washings
of radiant iron, on nesting debris
in which pinch-sized trees had also sprouted.

Now it tangles on the ground. And the laundry
drips jowls of coloured weight
below one walking stucco stucco
up and down overlaps, to fix
the biplane houses of Australia.


  1. I love these rural scenes. So tranquil.

  2. so happy to visit here today...lovely

  3. I like this scene. It's atmospheric and melancholy, with the lone shed and the clouds so low.

  4. Thank you for sharing, made my day.

  5. I have driven through eucalyptus trees in Northern California and know they give off a nice scent. Are the blooms particularly fragrant and if so what do they smell like?

  6. Bill, that is an interesting question. I have never smelt any eucalypt flower fragrance but that is not to say there isn't one. The flowers are at the top of tall trees and mostly the ones I see have been snipped off by cockatoos.

    Also, there are hundreds of different varieties of eucalypt. The first time I saw some in California I didn't recognise them as eucalypts as they had large red flowers unlike anything I had seen at home but apparently they were a Western Australian variety and at that time I'd never been to WA.

  7. Absolutely lovely! Thanks a lot for sharing. Very relaxing and mellow.



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