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Rainforest, Megalong Valley

The odd way the decaying logs are laying (probably for bush regeneration) made me think of a checkerboard.

Words to walk with:
Life is a kind of Chess, with struggle, competition, good and ill events”
(Benjamin Franklin)


  1. It certainly looks deliberate. That moss is gorgeous, as is the leaf litter on the forest floor. I bet a fair few of those logs are as light as a feather, the white ants and other chewers having done their forest job.

    Would this be rainforest or wet schlerophyll (?sp)? Not certain that I know my definitons enough.

  2. A beautiful forest floor and ferns. "Nurse logs" are what I have heard foresters call the fallen logs, to get people to leave them where they fall, and let them decay and regenerate the forest...

    Another beautiful photo.
    Three Rivers Daily Photo

  3. Julie, I'm no expert and my Blue Mountains plant book has been misfiled (given the number of books we have around here that probably means lost for a year or two). Anyway, here's what I think is the case ... a typical tree in wet sclerophyll forest is Mountain Ash ... these were growing over the road in quite a different type of forest. On this side of the road you are in the damp gully with rainforest trees like coachwood ... it's known as warm temperate rainforest as opposed to the tropical rainforests that are in Queensland.

  4. hi...just followed you from Julie's blog. dejavue...i could smell that photo.

  5. Ooo, taa. I did not know all that. I will go look up coachwood. Actually, I think I would like to find me a book about trees and forest types within Australia. That is what I will do. I would like one of them.

  6. The forest has to be beautiful and this is a fantastic find!

  7. Nurse logs? What a lovely term. Someone certainly knew what they were doing when they set these. Pass along my thanks next time you see them. '~)


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