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By the road

Roadside Farm, Megalong Valley

Words to walk with:
From Roads by Amy Lowell
O Winding roads that I know so well,
Every twist and turn, every hollow and hill!
They are set in my heart to a pulsing tune
Gay as a honey-bee humming in June.
‘T is the rhythmic beat of a horse’s feet
And the pattering paws of a sheep-dog bitch;
‘T is the creaking trees, and the singing breeze,
And the rustle of leaves in the road-side ditch ...

By the softly ringing hoofs of a horse
And the panting breath of the dogs I love.
The pageant of Autumn follows its course
And the blue sky of Autumn laughs above.


  1. Another idyllic scene. There's something about scenes like this that evoke a real sense of calm.

  2. i grew up partly on a ranch a dearly loved our
    quarter horses. lady hickory was my favorite.
    you just took me right back there!

  3. Horses are magnificent animals. The verse is lovely. Both bring a sense of calm.

  4. Amy Lowell knew how to handle horses, probably not something most people know about her. She also had a special feeling for animals as anyone who knows about her cat and her sheepdogs knows. I'm writing a biographer of her that is supported by funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities. In the meantime, I've published a collection of essays, "Amy Lowell Among Her Contemporaries," available at,, and

  5. Sorry for the typo in the last entry and the double use of knows. I should also have said I take issue with the way Lowell has been treated, especially in the biographies of her contemporaries.

  6. I really like the cropping on this. The "cut off legs" give a feeling of movement and you get the feeling that the horse is playful and moving. Nicely done!!!!!!

  7. Yes, it was a calm idyllic place. I always feel like that in the Megalong Valley.

    The horse was playful. As soon as I came close to the fence he came over seeking my attention. I had to grab the shot quickly before he came too close to be interesting.


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