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Den Fenella

Back in March I walked some of the tracks around Wentworth Falls. At that time I went down the Den Fenella track but didn't take the 15 minute side track to the Den Fenella lookout so I decided to do that yesterday. It's a relatively easy walk, despite the inevitable steps, that passes from the dry forest down through rainforest with a stream and waterfall before popping out at the windblown cliff face.

Photo: View from Den Fenella

Words to walk with:
Here's what I found about the original Den Fenella in Scotland
"A romantic ravine traversed by a burn. It tooks its name from Fenella or Finvela daughter of the Earl of Angus. Its beauties of crag and chasm and wooded bank have often been celebrated in prose and verse; near its mouth is a beatiful waterfall 65 feet in leap; and its stream is spanned by a handsome bridge and by the viaduct of Bervie railway."