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Theme day: Street Lamps

In 1913 the citizens of Lawson erected a street lamp as a memorial to mark the centenary of the crossing of the Blue Mountains by Blaxland, Lawson and Wentworth in 1813.

With the passing of another 100 years in May 2013 the citizens of Lawson again gathered to celebrate the crossing. The party reenacting the crossing unveiled a bust of Lawson in the park where the street lamp still stands -- you can see it in the background.

For more images of Street Lamps visit City Daily Photo Theme Day.


  1. Wow! Who'd have thought 200 years has passed since the crossing?? Those names are forever etched in my memory by using 'LBW' as a memory jogger!

  2. Laden with history - and a fine lamp to boot!

  3. Peter from Sunshine Coast Daily Photo has become involved at City Daily Photo. The Theme Day for September is Pink.


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