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Bee Farm Road, Springwood 1 of 7 - A Road that Beckons

Summer flowers in Bee Farm Road

Those who follow my Sweet Wayfaring blog will know I have started a new project in 2013.  Each weekend, wherever I am, I will choose the road that beckons simply because of its name.  Sometimes I will be in the mountains and post here other times I will be further afield and post over at Sweet Wayfaring.

So we found ourselves in Springwood, one of the mountains more substantial towns. Looking at the map the roads that beckoned were Picnic Glen and Bee Farm Road ... I settled on Bee Farm Road where I found a rather pretty and quite typical suburban street with summer gardens in flower but I didn't find a single bee or a farm.  Come walk it with me to see what I did discover.


  1. What a good idea for 2013! The flowers here are one of my summer favourites (but just now i don't remember the name).
    Thanks for your visite and kind words :)

  2. What a pretty name for a road - I think those bees were shy ;D)


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