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Australia Day

Meet Megan one of our attendants on the Great Southern Rail train The Overland which runs from Melbourne (current tennis mad because of  the Aussie Open) to Adelaide.

Rolling along a railway track through gold, wheat and sheep country reading the recently published anthology The Words that Made Australia - How a Nation Came to Know Itself  seemed like a pretty nice way to spend the day to me ...  up there with the best of them.

Celebrate Australia day with others in the CDP community here.


  1. Megan looks to embody the joy of the day, and the 'words that made Australia probably include Lawson and Paterson, Wright and Winton. What a glorious way to spend a national long weekend

    Thank you for your contribution, Joan. I appreciate it.

  2. Happy Australia Day to you :)

  3. Very good way to spend the day.

  4. Lovely capture! It sounds a perfect way to spend the day indeed. Thank you for dropping by & Happy Australia Day!

  5. Brilliant way to spend the day Joan, what a great big friendly Aussie smile!


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