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There were plenty of webs made visible in the wet.


  1. You know what we had at the end of April - a shower of spiderwebs!
    The most amazing thing - never experienced it before.
    Just one day but all day - and little spiders got carried along on these bits of web.
    The webs were everywhere and they got so high up in the sky.
    It was extraordinary.

  2. They are so beautiful these webs. Lovely photo, Joan!

  3. A friend and I were discussing spider webs a while back, it does seem as if there is a time when quite a few suddenly appear.
    One thing I know about your spiders is that some of them are dangerous, at least according to Bill Bryson. I feel sure these are quite friendly though.

  4. I love spiderweb shots and this one is just great.

  5. Letty, that does sound extraordinary.

    Paul, yes there are a few nasty ones but like the snakes we just let them get about their own business while we do ours all is fine until they decide to enter our houses then we get rid of them

    i am not sure whether there is a time they appear or they simply become more visible as the mornings get more dewy.

  6. Fragile yet resilient. Wonderful detail.

    I'm a big fan of spiders and spiderwebs. We, too, experienced the extraordinary shower of webs. It was Anazc Day. Truly magical.

  7. It always gets to me the amount of hard work put in by the spider to make its web. A beaut photo :D)

  8. oh wow Vicki - you had it too?
    It was the day after Anzac Day for us.
    I wonder how far they originally came from?


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