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Caves House

The next day we drove the 90 or so kms to Jenolan Caves. This is Caves House, a grand old style guesthouse. I love its olde worlde charm.


  1. I wouldn't mind staying there for a day or two or week or two or month or two!

    What a gorgeous building in a gorgeous setting.

    Great photo!

  2. It does look gorgeous - but totally incongrous with that Australian coloured vegetation as a back-drop.

    I gather it is a smidge on the expensive side?

  3. A bit expensive. We stayed there for a night on our honeymoon 35 years ago. It was a bit like an old boarding house at that time. We also stayed there for a weekend some 10 years ago ... had been recently revamped and run by Peppers (I think) so quite special. Today its looking very threadbare again on the inside. So I suspect not good value for money, but it's hard to get over the romance of the place whatever it's condition.


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