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Winter welcome

It's the first day of winter. The town gardens are looking bare but the bush is showing a lacey petticoat of golden winter wattles, amber banksias and these yellow everlasting daisies.

Photo: Everlasting daisy, Megalong Valley

Words to walk with:
Poem 106 by Emily Dickinson
"The Daisy follows soft the Sun --
And when his golden walk is done --
Sits shyly at his feet --
He -- waking -- finds the flower there --
Wherefore -- Marauder -- art thou here?
Because, Sir, love is sweet!
We are the Flower -- Thou the Sun!
Forgive us, if as days decline --
We nearer steal to Thee!
Enamored of the parting West --
The peace -- the flight -- the Amethyst --
Night’s possibility!