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Mother's Day

My Mum, who came from the south, always spoke with nostalgia of a childhood home where she crunched through autumn leaves. The leaves took on a romance for her young Queensland brood who rarely saw a deciduous tree resplendent in autumn colour -- so much so I was gripped with the idea of living in a cooler climate from quite early on. It's interesting the ways our mother's influence our life choices-- even when they are gone.

Photo: Begonia border with fallen maple leaves, my garden
Last seen surrounded by hail.

Words to walk with:
From A Song For September by Thomas Parsons, 1880
"Sorrow and scarlet leaf,
Sad thoughts and sunny weather.
Ah me, this glory and this grief
Agree not well together!"


  1. I'm thinking 4000 photographs of your garden in spring are in order.

    I'm thinking you'll need a hand too.. must start a plan!


  2. Agh ... more visitors! But you're welcome, could do with another photo camp.


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