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Hello -- it's summer?

I realised I missed the arrival of summer yesterday. This is not surprising given that it is cold, grey and wet, no shimmering summer heat anywhere. Blue/Purple is the colour of summer in my garden -- hydrangeas, agapanthus and jacaranda. It is still too soon for the agapanthus and the jacaranda is just beginning to colour up, so here are the hydrangeas glissening with rain drops.

Photo: Hydrangeas, my garden (not a native plant)

I woke up chilly this morning and decided -- I'm fed up with this, I am going to turn on the central heating to take the ice from the air and make getting out of bed to make our regular Sunday morning cooked breakfast more pleasant. I forgot of course that our power circuit was still on the blink so there was no switch to ignite the gas furnace. Then the penny dropped, that was the one pesky appliance we had forgotten to unplug in our mission to find the fault. Hey presto life is back to normal, the tele works, my computer works, the toaster works. I suddenly feel cheerful again, even though is still grey and damp outside.

Words to walk with:
I am going to leave the summer poems until it actually feels like summer!