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Wisk and Pin 3 of 3 -- Empty

I admired the creativity of using an empty cooking mold as a wall ornament as I emptied my cup. On a nearby table a young lady emptied her thoughts into a journal. The rain cleared and the sun began to shine from low on the horizon, reminding us that it was near closing time so we would all have to empty the cafe soon.

If you didn't guess, today's theme day for CDP bloggers is Empty. Click here to view thumbnails for all participants


  1. Love this love this love this ... the story for each is wonderful, JE.

    The colours that you achieve in these indoor shots is quite exquisite.

  2. three empties!

    I love the fact that you're taking photos inside now too!

    Circles being what they are, and what life is made of, I've got a flower series coming up in a bit!

  3. Ah, a photographer/writer! And no surprise when I see where you live. A beautiful post for today. Just love the Blue Mountains and visited often when I lived in Sydney for a while.

  4. Came back to see the image of the woman emptying her head into the notebook.

    Noice ...

  5. Ah yes the writer really captured my interest too. Makes me wonder why I spend so much time on photography when I really love writing! And I like nothing better than filling pages of a journal in long hand with my trusty fountain pen filled with black ink. I envied her.

    The colours of the indoor shots were improved by (a) waiting for the sun the shine to give some highlights (b)a bit of post processing but despite Peter's ongoing recommendation I don't shoot in raw.

  6. Great photos for the theme day

  7. Brilliant idea, J.E.! The collage is beautiful, each photo tells a wonderful story!


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