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Scenic World

The reason why I like the Furber Steps is that it's the only place in the mountains that you can catch a ride back up to the top. Scenic World offers a number of attractions ... in words from their website

The Scenic Cableway (top left) - The steepest aerial cable car in the Southern Hemisphere! The Scenic Cableway takes you on a 545 metre ride into - or out of - the World Heritage-listed rainforest of the Jamison Valley.

The Scenic Skyway (top right) - Float on air in the Skyway! The Skyway takes you on a 720 metre journey, 270m above ancient ravines and dazzling waterfalls. You are suspended over Jurassic rainforests as you glide smoothly across the sky.

The Scenic Railway (bottom left) - Ride the steepest incline Railway in the world. The 415m descent will take you through a cliff side tunnel down into an ancient rainforest.

The Scenic Walkway (bottom right) - A path through a Jurassic rainforest. Discover over 2.8kms of boardwalk through the ancient rainforest.


  1. I'd like to visit one day. Nice collage, the people in the car looks very happy.

  2. I would love to take all these Scenic tranportations, I can imagine the views!
    Great collage, J.E.!


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