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Our tourist

I decided a bush walk down the Furber Steps would be a good idea because it's all downhill so would not be too great a test against the energy of a 17 year old. Even with him being ever so patient it was faster than my usual slow meander taking photos so you'll have to follow this link from a previous visit to see what the Furber Steps are like. This shot gave me a chance to catch my breath at one of the lookouts where you get a view of Katoomba Falls.


  1. Your nephew scrubs up noice! I know exactly what you mean about being puffed out ...

    I suspect you are tres cold up in them thar hills at the moment: it is biting down here.

  2. Thomas Furber the surveyor, eh?

    140 quid ... gulp ... that is about $300 ...

  3. It's chilly and windy outside but we mountain people know to rug up warm and stay inside with heaters/fires on full blast ... I'm not even going into the garden at the moment.

  4. Thanks for the link! You have a superb shot of the forest canopy. Those huge ferns are awesome!


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