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Jenolan Caves

My legs were now very sore from the walk the day before so after careful inspection of the number of steps involved we took the tour of the Temple of Baal cave.

Walking through a man made tunnel in the cliff face takes you into this limestone cave wonderland. The tours is quite pricey at $27-$35 each so we don't do one very often. We usually go for a bush walk instead.


  1. Astounding stuff, isn't it. I bet it was freezing cold in there. I have not been to JC for over 30 years.

  2. The temperature in the cave stays constant at around 16C. So when dressed in winter clothes it was quite warm ... much warmer than outside.

  3. Awesome shots! I'm allways fascinated with this kind of thing.
    Unfortunatelly I became claustrophobic with age, so I'm glad I have visited some caves before as I will not do it again... My last experience was visiting an underground city in Cappadocia, Turkey and it was allready hard for me!


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