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Chisholms at Caves House

We took the country lunch at Chisholms at Caves House. While it's fun to go inside to check out the Edwardian splendor, it's getting a little threadbare. The carrot and ginger soup was tasty but the menu was nothing to get excited about.

Well the nephew has gone home so that's it for being a tourist in our own town and a time for us to switch over the Sweet Wayfaring where I start a new adventure today.


  1. the place looks really nice!
    nice photos.

  2. Very well balanced collage! Wonderful set of great photos!
    Waiting for your new adventure! :-)

  3. This is probably a weekend all of its own from Sydney. I will see what I can dream up during October/November.

    Thanks for this journey ... I have already joined with you over at Oberon ... brrrr ...


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