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The return

It was a glorious spring day yesterday. When the sun shines after cold grey winter days I always feel the west beckoning so we jumped in the car and headed up the highway. While filling up with fuel at Medlow Bath I took this photo ... not a bad place to start again as we were in Medlow Bath when I last posted way back in June.

With the sunshine of spring filling me with optimism I have decided to go back to posting every day. I have missed the joy of sharing my love of the natural wonders of this beautiful city within a national park. And I have missed selecting poems that ponder the themes of this heavenly place.

Words to walk with:
The Return by Theodore Roethke
"Suddenly the window will open
and Mother will call
it's time to come in

the wall will part
I will enter heaven in muddy shoes

I will come to the table
and answer questions rudely

I am all right leave me
alone. Head in hand I
sit and sit. How can I tell them
about that long
and tangled way.

Here in heaven mothers
knit green scarves

flies buzz

Father dozes by the stove
after six days' labour.

No--surely I can't tell them
that people are at each
other's throats. "


  1. That's so sweet tucked away in there. vely image.

  2. The weather is lovely at the moment. Thanks for more great photographs


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