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Even in this paradise there are things that sting.

Words to walk with:

The Stinging Nettle by A.E. Housman
"The stinging nettle only
Will still be found to stand:
The numberless, the lonely,
The thronger of the land,
The leaf that hurts the hand.

That thrives, come sun, come showers;
Blow east, blow west, it springs;
It peoples towns, and towers
Above the courts of Kings,
And touch it and it stings."


  1. What beautiful images you have here !! It is certainly a lovely spot in the world.

    Nice to make contact with another ex PNG resident. I have a large number of visitors who used to live in PNG so welcome to the club!!!

  2. If I recall Genesis correctly, there was at least one other thing that stung in Paradise!

    I respond intensely to the ordinary and to the mundane - things that beautiful people would disdain. This post is way up there for mine!


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