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Carlotta Arch

Our destination was an old favourite, Jenolan Caves. The walk from the upper car park passes by Carlotta Arch which has a view of the Blue Lake deep down below. It's so lovely to be out walking and photographing again and the daily grind of the city a distant memory for a fleeting few days.

Words to walk with:
From Her Happier Lot by Carlotta Perry
"Afar the river, like a thread
Of silver, poured and farther down
Lay fields that had been harvested;
And Autumn leaves, red, gold and brown,
Made earth a crown.
And farther still, a city
Men go about with smiling eyes,
The while their smiles great burdens bear;
And mingled moans and songs and sighs
From pale lips rise."


  1. What a beautiful view and the color of the lake is amazing!

  2. That poem is part of a poem that Carlotta Perry wrote about Oak Hill Cemetery after her mother was interred there. It is in Watertown, Wisconsin. Carlotta is also buried there.

    Kathleen McGwin


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