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Norman Lindsay Gallery

We were feeling a little lazy and not much up to doing a long walk so drove down to Norman Lindsay’s place at Falconbridge. Norman Lindsay is an Australian artist whose depictions of nudes caused much outrage in the 1930s and beyond. His home “Springwood”, where he lived a bohemian lifestyle and established a lovely garden dotted with his sumptuous sculptures, is now a gallery and museum.

Photo: “Springwood”. Norman Lindsay Gallery, Falconbridge

Norman Lindsay included poets in his circle of artistic associates. One of these was Kenneth Slessor.

Words to walk with:
From Burying Friends by Kenneth Slessor
[ … “for a little of our vital essence goes into the grave of a friend” – The Succubus, Norman Lindsay]
“Only it seems not a burial
Of irrelevant sods,
But a lopped member
From this my body;
Almost, in fact, a tiny amputation,
A paring of biography, thrown in there.
And he has thieved his own life away
And something from mine.
Farewell, thou pilferer!”