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More purple flowers

I am beginning to feel quite foolish. The blue mystery flowers (Native Iris) I wrote about recently are everywhere. I have been living in the mountains for 15 years, why haven't I noticed them before? I think the simple answer is I haven't had the gift of time or the disipline to observe and go back again, again to see the subtle changes. And I have never taken the care to name the things I see. Back in the very beginning I wrote a disclaimer that said "This blog is not about knowing, it is about finding what to know." This is proving so true.

At Evans Lookout, while I was looking past the now ubiquitous native iris flowers I noticed two other purple flowers that were new to me. Sadly, I can't find either of them in my flower book so I can't put a name to them, though the first reminds me of lobelia and the other of onion flowers.

Words to walk with:
From The Lobelia by Mary Gilmore

"Thou who didst waken from her sleep
The blue Lobelia to creep
On barren rock and naked steep,

And from the height of heaven's air,
Didst bid the wind run down his stair
To gather of her sweetness there,

Who lettest fall the gentle dew,
So that each leaf, and blossomy hue,
Shall find each day its life renew ...

Wilth Thou not, from infinity,
Lean down and also care for me?"