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Evan's Lookout

We drove out to Evans Lookout this weekend. We were last out there in February, not that long after the big fires of last summer. It is interesting to see what the spring brings in renewal.

Photo: View of Grose Valley from Evans Lookout

Evans surveyed the first road over the mountains.

Words to walk with:
From Appassionata by Mary Gilmore
"I feel the soft wind on my cheek,
I turn to meet it with my mouth;
O wind from out the south,
Thou are his messenger
Upon my mouth!

I have been lifted up as a bird
On the wind,
Because of a word,
Because of a whisper I heard.
The trees bent down to cover it,
The shadow of night drew over it;
Love spelled it, heart held it;
Now as a bird on the wing
In the spring
Am I stirred."