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Pretty in pink

I know the blog is turning into a Botanica right now. But it really is hard to ignore the flowers at this time of year. Here are a couple of pretty pink ones I saw while walking back from Edinburgh Castle Rock.

The first one is a grevillia, I am rather fond of these. I photographed another two different types of grevillias in the lower mountians a couple of weeks ago. The second photo is of Pink Swamp Heath (Spengelia incarnata). I took this in a section of swamp the track passes through.

Photo: Grevillia sericea, Wentworth Falls

Words to walk with:
Sorry I can't back this poem up with pictures of firetail finches as well. It is some years since I have seen finches in my garden. I just checked the bird list and firetails are rare and uncommon here.

From Grevillea and Firetail Finches by Geoffrey Dutton
"The morning redefined red
With a quick puss of wings,
Ten firetails lifting from a grevillia
To the sheoak by the fence. Coral antlers,
Feathers of flame,
And the wind-sigh sheoak with its red-gold hair."