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Over the hills and far away

When the sun shines and the weather gets warmer I feel the urge to head over the mountains to the west. I am not sure why. We didn't have time to go far so visited the historic village of Hartley which nestles at the bottom of Victoria Pass on the western escarpment. The village has impressive sandstone buildings -- a court house, 2 churches, 3 inns and a small number of private homes.

Photo: Shamrock Inn, Hartley

The Shamrock Inn started as a family home in the 1840s, became an Inn in the 1860s during the Gold Rush and later became a family home again.

Words to walk with:
From Country Towns by Kenneth Slessor
"Country towns, with your willows and squares,
And farmers bouncing on barrel mares
To public houses of yellow wood
With "1860" over their doors,
And that mysterious race of Hogans
Which always keeps the General Stores….

Country towns with your schooner bees,
And locusts burnt in the pepper-trees,
Drown me with syrups, arch your boughs,
Find me a bench, and let me snore,
Till, charged with ale and unconcern,
I'll think it's noon at half-past four!"


  1. Something about your photograph makes me think of an oriental landscape - not sure if it's your composition or the shape of the tree perhaps. So interesting!


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