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The ones that got away

Photo: Black Cockatoos, Katoomba

This photograph is a reminder of the many birds that got away from me on the Prince Henry Cliff Walk. Lyrebirds called deep in the valley. Wattlebirds spluttered coughs above. Drunken pips came from Eastern Spinebills sipping on banksia flowers. Tiny thornbills flitted across the path and bounced around the bushes. Rosellas chattered and flashed from tree to tree. Two galahs squabbled over a dead branch. Melodious singing lead me to a Golden Whistler (a new bird for me). And music blaring from a walker’s radio was an unexpected and unwelcome intrusion.

Words to walk with:
From Country Veranda by John Tranter
“where a parrot scribbles a crooked scrawl of crayon
and off stage a crow
laments his loneliness

and six neat magpies, relaxed but quite soon
off to a General Meeting
stroll, chortle and yarn.”