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Vera was once a modest cottage but with a modern extension she is now very grand. It's great to see extensions being done that retain the character of the old homes. But I am wondering why I always think of America when I see this house.

A local historian told me that before houses were numbered they were identified by their name, hence the reason why older homes have names.


  1. I think I can see the 'americana' in the dormer windows etc.

    The light and bright colours of the examples thus far are most beguiling, Joan. And the hydrangeas in full bloom.

    Now this is a different sort of name-plate, not being a plate in the least but letters. I have not seen any down here like that. It is often difficult to tell original name-plates from modern ones, but I tend to like both varieties. What I like about this name is the matching with the style/era. My grandmother had a sister named Vera.

  2. The weatherboard and grey/cream colour scheme reminds me of a cottage in North East America, like in Maine.

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