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House names

A recent post on Julie's always excellent Sydney Eye blog got me thinking about the old houses in Lawson which also have names. So I am going to get started for the year by running a series on the named houses of Lawson and while I am at it you will get a chance to see some traditional Blue Mountains homes ... starting with our own home Burnbrae built around 1896. During renovations a postcard was found ... dated 1897, addressed to:

Miss Chrystal,
Blue Mountains,
New South wales, Australia

Miss Elizabeth Chrystal was the original owner according to the land title so I guess the house has always had this name. Maybe she had Scottish links.


  1. I have been hanging out for this series.

    Off to a rattling good start. Recognise the second image, and adore the first one. Makes a difference when one doesn't have to shoot from outside the fence.

    Now consider the word and the presentation: this one suits, right. Scottish, minimal, straight-forward. And topped with CI of a similar ilk.

    Goodie goodie ... I have collected more since the original couple of posts. Let's see what I can dream up as I go about my day. I have a day of 'ma-care' today but the poor petal has a bit of a cold.

  2. Wonderful. Giving a property a name gives it an identity. No longer is it just a house, it's a place.

    I'd love to see a photo/scan of the postcard. :)

  3. I think Chrystal is a Scottish surname and with the name of the house meaning something like hill with a stream. I too would be interested in the 100 year old postcard, where was it from, what was the picture?

  4. Looking forward to your series of the named houses of Lawson. Burnbrae looks lovely.

  5. I will post a scan of the postcard at the end of series ... it is currently mounted in a frame which I will have to dismantle somewhat.

  6. well done, intriguing start, Crhystal sounds new age, SoCal.

  7. Great details! I bet this will be a wonderful series.

  8. That's a great story.
    Did you put it in a little frame?
    Oh yes, I see you say it is.
    Instead of taking it out to scan it - why don't you just take a photo of it?

    You're so lucky to live in a house like Burnbrae.
    It is exactly the type of house I would love to own.
    There was a lovely old home down the street from us that was beautiful but it had no yard!
    There is a fantastic home across the road from us - I just have to wait until the current owners shuffle off this mortal coil.

    I'd love a house name for my house.
    I'll have to start thinking.
    I did quite like "Diggers" coz we are on the old gold diggings but I'm not sure.

    I love your tin roof edges and the round bluestone(?) steps.

  9. Letty, the previous owners framed the bits they found behind the fireplace and left it for us. I need to remove it to show both sides ... I think I am going to run a series on them after this series has had its run.

    Diggers sounds like a grand and very appropriate name ... given that you are also keen on digging the garden. The steps are sandstone gone grey with age.

  10. this is such a fabulous post .. what amazing history here ...


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