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Western crossing

It took the new colony quite a while to find a way across the mountains to the grazing land beyond. The problem was that following the rivers which was the normal way to explore kept on thwarting them because they inevitably ended up at steep unclimbable cliffs. Blaxland, Lawson and Wentworth took a different approach 1813. I found this in Blaxland's journal:

"Before we set out, we laid down the plan to be pursued, and the course to be attempted, namely, to ascend the ridge before-mentioned, taking the streams of water on the left, which appeared to empty themselves into the Warragomby, as our guide; being careful not to cross any of them, but to go round their sources, so as to be certain of keeping between them and the streams that emptied themselves into the River Grose."

They thus found a crossing via the ridge line. I'll show you the view in my next post.


  1. i'm sure they named it after your blog!
    i would.

  2. Good thing someone was thinking outside the box or else the mountains wouldn't have been crossed so soon.

  3. Your posts always seem to take me with you on a journey. I guess thats the idea, eh?

  4. Bill, yes that is the idea. It helps me to show some of the joy I have had in my own discovery. Also, its the only way I can 3 blogs going ... it makes an action packed day trip go for a couple of weeks.

  5. What an interesting story!

  6. Not only nice scenery, but a history lesson as well. Thanks Joan.


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