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Autumn, Mt Wilson

It's chilly. Let's go find a warm place to eat. There is only one cafe in village.


  1. i'm living vicariously through your
    beautiful autumn photos.

    95 degrees fahrenheit. time to head
    to the mountains.

  2. Love the firewood photo, very evocative - I guess that pile will last the season.

  3. Lea, 95 ... yes that is very warm so early in the summer.

    Peter, I doubt there is enough wood there to last the season. We would go through a couple of loads this size over winter. I'm also thinking it may be too green to burn this year.

  4. You found a pile of logs, too. It looks like you do not have the blue-spotted variety down-under

  5. It's interesting to watch Autumn scenes in the late Spring:)
    Yours are very pretty!

  6. Both are wonderful but my favourite is the second shot.


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