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Devil's Coach House 1 of 2

The Nettle Cave tour climbs up from the Devil's Coach House. Another great cavern like the Grand Arch.


  1. These are both very nice pictures. I wonder if you've ever been to America? The eastern coast of our country has a mountain range called the Blue Ridge Mountains.

  2. THis would put me in my proper place! It is all very dry and dusty though, not what I remembered. And the BMs have had so much rain the last three month.

  3. Wow! This is the kind of site I would love to visit! Awesome photos (1 + 2)!

  4. Mary, I have been to America several times, mostly to the Colorado area. I don't think I've come across the Blue Ridge Mountains though.

    I think the scenery in America is fantastic. I've had some wonderful and memorable trips around the Rockies, in California, the American South West and in New England.

    Julie, it is inside an open cave hence dry and dusty. In the closed caves all wet and drippy. And a rather nice river comes out of the bottom of the caves, will show in a couple of days time.

  5. Where's my INSPIRING POEM???!!

    j/k the photos are therapeutic enough. Jenolan is a cave of wonders, Aladdin-style. Wish I was there right now eating dinner in the haunted restaurant and peeping in the mirrors for the ghost.

  6. I've been a bit too busy to read and select poems but perhaps I will get back to it for the next trip. Glad someone has missed them!


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