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With all the digging, demolishing and building going on at Lawson there is plenty of waiting for through travellers and locals alike.

Today City Daily Photo bloggers are blogging on the theme of waiting. Click here to view thumbnails for all participants


  1. Ahha, the highway parking lot you were describing to me.

    I had to grimace when you said that the people wielding these stop/go signs have to do a Tech Course to be trained for the job. What IS the world coming to!!

  2. I was wondering if you were going to find a tie-in with the road work. I hope the it was all worth the wait in the end.
    I was also wondering if you were going to remember the washing machine basket. It was a disaster as a planter, look on my Tin Roof Blog and see what showed up when I put a jar over the center of the basket. Yikes!

  3. now this is a good post on waiting and reminds me of the frustration I feel when waiting in a car in a construction line like this.

  4. This is perfect! Very fun theme day capture.

  5. Paula, I was quite chuffed that a theme just dropped out of the photos I had in the current series.

    Julie, as you saw the traffic is very disorderly, maybe it is best that they get some training so they don't make things worse or lose their life!!

    Julie S ... yes it's very frustrating here at the moment. Only another year or so to go :-(

    Kim ... thanks

  6. This is a familiar sight in the summer months in the Midwest!

  7. Two really good photos on Waiting. I love the Stop of the first one that really hits you in the eye.

  8. This is definitely a kind of waiting that I don't like! Nice choice for the theme day.

  9. They look like they have been waiting for a long time. Not my favorite kind of waiting. good shos. MB


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