Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year

Today the City Daily Photo bloggers are selecting their best picture for 2008. From my perspective 2008 has not been a good photographic year, too busy working. However, I think this photo of my front garden taken on Anzac Day in April is good one and a nice match with the summer photo at the back of the house in my last post.

Notice the pine cones littering the path -- I just swept them up yesterday! So this brings to mind a few New Year Resolutions:

1. Clean up Autumn well before Summer
2. Take more photos of my lovely garden
3. Try to take life a little slower in 2009 and savour the ride -- mmm with recession looming the slow bit might be easy and the ride rough but that's the fun of each New Year. I hope you all have a good one.

I am still on vacation from this blog for a while longer but have begun posting my recent seaside and country tour on my Sweet Wayfaring blog, please stop by and enjoy the holiday with me!

I was too relaxed on holiday to register for the Theme Day but to see the others who were not tardy like me Click here to view thumbnails for all participants