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Everyone in the household has the cold and flu bug that's going around. It's slowing us down a bit.

I spotted this lovely bug in the garbage bin when I was taking out the rubbish. There's lots of rubbish because we're still entertaining hordes of visitors -- certainly not being treated like Typhoid Mary (see today's Words below)

Words to walk with:
From Winter Complaint by Ogden Nash
"Now when I have a cold
I am careful with my cold,
I consult a physician
And I do as I am told.
I muffle up my torso
In woolly woolly garb,
And I quaff great flagons
Of sodium bicarb.
I munch on aspirin,
I lunch on water,
And I wouldn’t dream of osculating
Anybody’s daughter,
And to anybody’s son
I wouldn’t say howdy,
For I am a sufferer
Magna cum laude.
I don’t like germs,
But I’ll keep the germs I’ve got.
Will I take a chance of spreading them?
Definitely not.
I sneeze out the window
And I cough up the flue,
And I live like a hermit
Till the germs get through.
And because I’m considerate,
Because I’m wary,
I am treated by my friends
Like Typhoid Mary."