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It's summer at last

The rain has gone for a while. The sun is shining hot and bright. And this little duck is going camping (Sweet Wayfaring). See you when I get back.

Photo: Ducks in park near Scenic Railway, Katoomba

Words to walk with:
From The Buladelah-Taree Holiday Song Cycle by Les Murray
"It is good to come out after driving and walk on bare grass;
walking out, looking all around, relearning that country.
Looking out for snakes, and looking out for rabbits as well;
going into the shade of myrtles to try their cupped climate, swinging by one hand around them,
in that country of the Holiday...
stepping behind trees to the dam, as if you had a gun,
to that place of the Wood Duck,
to that place of the Wood Duck's Nest,
proving you can still do it; looking at the duck who hasn't seen you,
the mother duck who'd run Catch Me (broken wing) I'm Fatter (broken wing), having hissed to her children."