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Yellow everywhere

Wattle is flowering everywhere along the roadsides and their fragrance fills the air. On the road to Lennox Bridge there were other yellow shrubs also flowering profusely. I stopped to see what the flowers were like and discovered they were pea flowers. I thought they might be Dillwynia but have discovered there are heaps of different pea flowers -- Jacksonia, Pultenaea, Dillwynia, Daviesia, Bossiaea, Gompholobium and several varieties within these. It's no wonder I'm confused. Either way, the yellow display is lovely.

Words to walk with:
From When I in Gardens Walk by Dame Mary Gilmore
"When apple blossoms bud.
And wattle fills the hollow
With scents that waft in flood,
Where light the winds do follow,
When at the rising sun
Long shadows shield the grass.
And dewdrops, waking, run
To hold him in their glass,
As these I note and scan,
So near and none aloof,
Then do I ask why man,
Sits prisonered by a roof!"