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More wattle

I know I wrote about wattle in June but as winter progresses their blooms become even more prolific, dotting every roadside. Different varieties abound, with different leaf forms and colours from cream to bright golden yellow. I quickly spotted four different varieties at Murphy's Glen.

Professor Geoffrey Blainey, a well known Australian historian said in his 2001 Boyer Lecture on ABC radio, “The poets gave the settlers new eyes. Adam Lindsay Gordon, a daring steeplechase rider who settled in the south east of South Australia, virtually converted the wattle blossom into a national symbol. A host of children and adults knew by heart such lines as “In the Spring, when the wattle gold trembles”

Words to walk with:
From To the Author of "Holmby House" by Adam Lindsay Gordon
“In the Spring, when the wattle gold trembles
'Twixt shadow and shine,
When each dew-laden air draught resembles
A long draught of wine;
When the sky-line's blue burnish'd resistance
Makes deeper the dreamiest distance,
Some song in all hearts hath existence, --
Such songs have been mine.”